Palace of Quirinale, Rome.

The Quirinal Palace (known in Italian simply as the Quirinale) is the official residence of the President of the Italian Republic on the Quirinal Hill, the tallest of the seven hills of Rome.

The palace was built in 1573 by Pope Gregory XIII as a papal summer residence. It was also used as the location for papal conclaves in 19th century. It served as a papal residence and housed the central offices responsible for the civil government of the Papal States until 1870. In September, 1870, what was left of the Papal States was overthrown. About five months later, in 1871, Rome became the capital of the new Kingdom of Italy. The palace became the official royal residence of the Kings of Italy, though some monarchs actually lived in a private residence elsewhere.

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The monarchy was abolished in 1946 and the Palace became the official residence and workplace for the Presidents of the Italian Republic.

The façade was designed by Domenico Fontana. Its ‘Great Chapel’ was designed by Carlo Maderno and frescoed by Guido Reni.

Its grounds include a famous set of gardens laid out in the eighteenth century.

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