The Reading Festival, a musical extravaganza in the United Kingdom

From the time immemorial, England is known for its rich literature and music.  Citizens of England love to read books and hear good music for which the conduct concerts and music shows. One such event is the Reading Festival. It is an annual music show that takes place in Reading, United Kingdom and is run by Festival Republic (itself owned by Live Nation and MCD). Every year, The event takes place on the Friday, Saturday and Sunday of the August bank holiday weekend. The music fare is powered with extravaganza live performances. Its really worth buying Reading Festival tickets to have fun and I bet you will really enjoy it.

Reading Festival

The reading festival started way back in 1961, where in it started as a Jazz event, a time when audio was in its rock n roll infancy. Every year the event  grows a little older and with this musically wiser. From the early Jazz ramblings of Chris Barber (one of the co-founders of the original Reading Festival), Johnny Dank worth and Humphrey Littleton, in the different location of Richmond, to Windsor, then Sunbury and eventually Reading, the musical extravaganza has always been at the top of its game. Attracting thousands of music fans, critical of the bands performances and really there just to enjoy the best that the anniversary has to offer, it has been a stalwart in the world of outdoor music.


From the late 1960’s bands started to appear that are still revered as legends today; The Who, The Yard birds, Eric Clapton, Small Faces, T Rex, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple, all great bands, but all cast from the same ‘rock mould’.

It took the near destruction of the gala in 1988, a poor line up, poor weather and poorly attended, to see the Mean Fiddler organization take the reins and steer the fete to the pinnacle of outdoor music that it is today, with its mix of rock and every genre in between.

The carnival has witnesses many landmark events such as the last UK appearance of Nirvana in 1992, the onstage melt down of the Stone Roses (their last show together) in 1996 and the first triumphant appearance of Metallica in 1997. This has also got some bad memories also like shocking braining of Brendan Urie of Panic at the Disco in 2006.

Getting a ticket for the show has not been so easy. Many a times its very painful to get a ticket for the show. One can get a ticket online on the best prices. The  tickets include not just attending the shows but also for camping in the area. There are any other types of tickets and each of them has a different price. Music lovers can thus select the ones that suites them better and go with the vibe of this fantabulous musical celebration. People also have lots of fun taking the mud bath during the event.


 Get ready for the musical extravaganza of the year 2014 when the gala starts 29th August. Lets make the festival a grand success with some more classical performances.

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