Best Broadband packages to choose in United Kingdom

Are you looking for the best broadband packages including TV and Call Packages in United Kingdom? Then I would proudly suggest Virgin Media fibre optic broadband for you.

Virgin Media is considered to be the first telecommunications company to offer “quadruple play”, meaning that they offered mobile phone, fixed phone, television and broadband services to their customers. They have developed their services and they are now leaders in the home media industry in the United Kingdom in a very short period.

If you ask, about the biggest and the best telecommunication companies around UK, I would say its Virgin Media Broadband only. They now offer their customers some incredible products and services with some impressive technology. The company first formed in 2006, and this was the merger between NTL and Telewest. Later that year Virgin Mobile merged with this to create Virgin Media, and they become the first “quadruple play” media company.

With the aid of Fibre Optic cable network which allows much faster broadband, Virgin Media has grown and developed and rolled with the advances in communications technology, and this has made their services even better for customers. The also allow large households to download files, stream HD video and play games online all at the same time which has led them to establish themselves as leaders in the telecommunications field. Moreover, all of their products and services are very impressive and are available at affordable prices, making them an all time favorite.

You can opt for a single service or combine them all into a brilliant bundle package and take advantage of all of Virgin Media’s great services. I am sure, whatever product or service you choose you are guaranteed to be completely satisfied and all of your home media needs will be taken care of.

Take a look at the following Virgin Media products.

100Mb Broadband and Phone for £17.25


60Mb Broadband and Phone for £9.75


30Mb Broadband and Phone for £7.25


Their broadband comes in three different packages to fit different user needs. This is up to 30 Mb for smaller households, up to 60 Mb for families who like to download and do lots online, and then there is up to 100 Mb which is the ultimate experience which will allow you to connect multiple devices and still download, stream video and play games online with ease! Their TV packages come with 100+ channels, 135+ channels and 200+ channels, and all of these packages have excellent entertainment from the top channels as well as catch up and On Demand features too.

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