Sony Ericsson Hi-Fi Bluetooth Stereo Headset with FM Radio

Are you a music lover? Are you someone who likes to listen to music while jogging and doesn’t like to hold the smartphone or netbook. Here is the solution for you. Sony Ericsson has launched a new age smart Hi-Fi Bluetooth Stereo Headset with FM radio. Yes, its Sony MW600. A revolutionary product from the Sony which is basically a bluetooth enabled wireless headset that con be connected with any other bluetooth enabled device to help you take the advantage of listening music, listening sound of the movie, taking call without holding the phone in your hand.



It’s design is really a very attractive element that will force you to have one but that is not the end of the design part because it is a very compact offering – for example it comes with the length and breadth of your little finger and it is of weight just 13 grams and in dimensions it goes like (6.88 X 5.90 X 24.40).

It comes with 3.5 MM jack on it’s right side so that you can get connected with those high quality ear buds that comes along with the device, on it’s top you will see OLED display, a microphone and an End Call button. On the left side you can see the USB port as well as dedicated power button. On it’s back there is a clip that helps the device to plunge anywhere in your clothing for it’s hands free feature to be activated, and on it’s two upper sides you can see the volume control touch panels and the back and forward buttons as well.






  • Talk time: Up to 11 hours; Standby time: Up to 500 hours; Stream time: Up to 8 hours 30 minutes; FM radio playing time: Up to 11 hours; Charging time: Approx. 2 hours
  • Charging connector: Micro USB; Bluetooth version: 2.1
  • Acoustical Microphone; Call control; On-off button; Play-pause; Volume up/down (touch); Next track; Previous track
  • 3.5mm jack; OLED display
  • Includes: Headset (MW600 Sony), Headphones (MH755) upper part with small, medium and large ear buds

But there are also some other ones you should know about like :-

  • It displays the song name
  • It displays the call name or number
  • It displays the FM Radio channel name & frequency
  • You can add upto 4 bluetooth devices to use simultaneously
  • High power battery gives you the long lasting enjoyment being wireless


There are a lot of offers online. But the better ones are on Amazon.

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Rock to the radio. Groove to your tunes. Network. Gossip. While you’re hands are free to do as they please.Enjoy exceptional on-the-go audio.Join the wireless revolution.

Superior Sound
Each element of a Sony Ericsson music accessory is designed for the best audio performance. Clear sound, deep bass and better performance are standard. Expect nothing less.
It’s called a stereo portable handsfree because it’s for more than listening. A built in microphone, call answer key and 3.5mm jack to swap headphones are all included. The microphone coupled with the included earphones will enable you to continue your conversation wherever you are. This is extremely useful for staying on the correct side of the law whilst driving. Universal Compatibility
This headset will work with any device which has a Bluetooth headset or handsfree profile built in. This will work with 99.9% of the currently available.

The multipoint will allow you to connect with more than one device at the same time. This is useful for wanting to connect, for example to your computer and phone.

OLED Screen
The built in OLED screen will allow you to see which track is currently playing or who is calling. It will also allow you to see which FM frequency is currently playing.

Wireless Streaming
A2DP is the technology that enables you to stream music wirelessly through Bluetooth. As long as your phone has A2DP, you will be able to stream music to the attached headphones.

One can buy Sony Product worldwide through Sony Global and the product quality is ultimate everywhere.

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