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Are you a music lover? Are you looking for a very economical, yet sophisticated alternative, to expensive keyboards, one of the best choices out there will be the Yamaha YPT Keyboard.

Manufactured by a world leader in keyboards and music equipment, YAMAHA, it also has a completely revamped design that never sacrifices sound quality. Keyboardists and pianists across the globe know for a fact that when you need to sit down and play seriously, you don’t grab just any keyboard. You sit down and do some serious playing on a Yamaha keyboard.

The Yamaha YPT Keyboard is considered as the best in Yamaha technology, because the company was able to bring a high quality keyboard to the market for less than $200.

Unlike other high quality keyboard to cost more than $400; a keyboard that has UWS (ultra wide stereo) and built-in educational software is a real gem if it costs less than $400. The YPT Keyboard is a good choice whether you are a beginner or an advanced pianist, because it is compact and light, and it can definitely fit in the smallest of the rooms in your home.

It is also bundled with X-Style brace and closed-cup headphones. The X-style brace will help stabilize the keyboard for long periods of time, and as long as you’ve put together the brace properly, it will remain sturdy for many years to come. The YPT Keyboard package is the genuine Yamaha closed-cup headphones.

Yamaha headphones are usually very expensive, but the manufacturer has chosen to include one pair in the package so you can really listen and immerse yourself in your music. The closed-cup headphones will be a real boon, especially if you don’t want your neighbors, or even people in your own house, to hear what you’re playing (especially at night!).

Just plug in the closed-cup headphones, and you are ready to play. If this is your first time playing a keyboard, know that you can easily adjust the volume of the music with simple turn of a knob, and with the ultra-wide stereo feature you can be sure that all your notes will be expressed the keyboard with the highest clarity and fidelity.

Polyphony issues are almost unknown with Yamaha keyboards, so you won’t have to worry about not hearing any notes that you’ve played if you decide to record your music. If you are thinking that you are going to be bored with the YPT Keyboard, you are very mistaken because there are more 350 different voices available for instant use. There’s the Grand Piano voice that we are familiar with, but then there is also voices such as the Harpsichord, Guitar, and so on.

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A total of 385 different keyboard voices will assist you in creating the perfect sounds whenever you play. If creativity with music is your thing, then you have to get the wondrous archive of natural sounding keyboard voices available in the YPT Keyboard. And, while you are playing the keyboard, why not try the unique drum kits available? The world of music is yours with the Yamaha YPT Keyboard.

Some of the best models available in this range are:


Yamaha YPT-230 Keyboard




The YPT-230 features 385 high quality, natural sounding voices. It has 100 accompaniment styles and 102 built-in songs. Use the Portable Grand button to instantly call up an authentic stereo grand piano sound. The YPT-230 has rich Reverb effects, adding concert-hall ambience to your performance. Yamaha’s Education Suite 6 makes practicing your favorite songs more easy than ever before.




Buy Yamaha YPT-230 Keyboard here


Yamaha YPT-330 Keyboard




The YPT-330 features a touch sensitive keyboard. It has 497 dynamic, high quality, natural sounding voices, 106 accompaniment styles and 102 built-in songs. Music database provides one touch set-up of the keyboard, to play the selected songs. The Easy Recording feature lets you record up to five of your original songs. You can save them into the onboard memory: great for practicing and composing.


Buy Yamaha YPT-330 Keyboard here




Yamaha YPT-210 Keyboard

The YPT-210 features 375 natural sounding voices, including Stereo Grand Piano, 361 XGlite voices, 12 drum kits and a sound effect kit. The YPT-210 also has 100 accompaniment styles and 102 built-in songs. Use the Portable Grand button to instantly call up an authentic stereo grand piano sound. The instrument also has a rich Reverb effect that adds concert-hall ambience to any performance.

Yamaha YPT-410 Keyboard

YPT-410 is loaded with new features, including sound control knobs that give the user real time control effects, filters, envelope generator and tempo. New colors from different musical styles can be added with 50 arpeggio patterns.

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  1. I have the yamaha 330 and have used this keyboard for a month now and I am happy so far. For the price this goes for, it does a good job at getting the key aspects I’ve aimed for.

    Its touch sensitive keys allows for practice on different levels of pressing strength, I got this keyboard because someone stated the similar priced Casio has only two levels of of tone for its touch sensitivity. Keys have some resistance which is good. I was afraid of keys that were too light. Sounds are clear and decent simulation of piano sounds.

    I love this gadget and am glad to have bought this one!


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