How to Block Websites without using any Plugin or Software

How to Block Websites without using any Plugin or Software

Are you worried about your children accessing unwanted or unauthorized websites? Want to stop accessing certain websites like pornographic and social networking websites and don’t know how? Here is an ultimate solution for you.

You can block any website without using any plugin or software. There are many plugins or softwares available to block but that are browser specific. You can not block a website in all the browsers using one plugin.

Here is a simple way to block any website without any software or plugin. Simply make the following changes and you’re done. You can block those sites in any of the browsers on you computer.

Go to START  and then RUN.


Open the file named “hosts” using wordpad or notepad.

The last line of the file will look like this.


Copy the last line and paste on the next line and replace ‘localhost’ with the website URL which you want to block. You can add as many websites as you want as shown below.


Now save the file and be secure. You and you children won’t be able to access those websites any more.

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