Website Checkouts: The Costs of an Insecure Checkout

Most people have shopped online at least once in their lifetime. Online shopping is the way of the future with more and more online stores popping up every day. This also creates new opportunities for online predators to try and hack into your systems. Online shopping is growing at a rapid pace of 19% a year worldwide with sales of almost $1.4 Trillion dollars by 2015. Think of all the money and opportunity that brings. That means more opportunity for people like you to generate income with your online business. The downside is that this may also create an opportunity for hackers who are looking to steal from you or your customers.

It is critical to have a website that looks trustworthy and functions efficiently. The most important part of your entire business is the checkout, making sure it is secure so your customers information is safe and they keep coming back to your website. Here are a few problems you may face when having an insecure checkout.

1. Hackers: Hackers are out there whether we want to acknowledge it or not. There is fraud happening all the time with credit cards and online sales. Hackers can figure out if a checkout is secure or not and will be able to steal your customer’s credit card information. Secure checkouts scramble the information while it is being passed along which makes it very difficult if not impossible for a hacker to gain access to their information.

2. Customer Service: If somebody’s information is stolen from your site you will have serious customer service problems. People whose information is taken from your site will not be happy and will most likely never return to your store costing you money in the long run.

3. Bad reviews: It only takes a few bad reviews to ruin a business. If someone’s information was stolen while using your site you can guarantee there will be bad reviews written, which will only damage your credibility. If someone is purchasing an item or service from a website they have never used they are most likely going to read the site’s reviews. If they see that customers have had their credit card information stolen, they are probably going to find another site to use.

4. Credibility: If you are not a credible retailer people are not going to shop with you, and you may end up going out of business. If you thought you were saving yourself money using a cheaper checkout service you may want to think again. In the long run, it is better to do things properly in order to keep your customers happy and coming back for more.

After reading this, you can see how things can spiral out of control very easily. People may try and save money by lowering their standards of checkout security to save a few dollars here or there, which may cost you your entire business. Be sure to do your research before deciding on what online service you choose for your company checkouts so that you can guarantee happy customers! If you’re looking for a good place to start offers a high-quality checkout process.

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