Things to Consider while buying Property in Turkey

Turkey is a beautiful place for tourism which offers breathtaking natural beauties and is also known for unique historical and archaeological places. Tourism in Turkey is steadily improving in hotel and touristic infrastructure and a tradition of hospitality with attractive and competitive prices.

Are you are interested in buying property in Turkey?  Are you looking for a great deal in Turkey real estate? You need to consider a number of things to make sure you avoid any losses and potential pitfalls in the purchase of your property. If you are not aware of the procedure and ignore them, you may end up in paying a heavy price in one way or the other. So you need to be serious and consider these things seriously while buying Property in Turkey.

Property in TurkeyYou should know that the procedures and legislation covering the purchase of property in Turkey is different from that of United Kingdom. Foreign purchasers are definitely require the military permission to be able to purchase property in Turkey. It is advised to obtain the services of a lawyer who is independent of the seller or the agent before paying a deposit or full cost of the property.

All the property deeds in Turkey are lodged with the local District Land Registry Office called Tapu ve Kadastro Mudurlugu.  All sales of the property must be lodged with the Tapu Office and both the seller and the purchaser must visit the Land Registry office for registration and to obtain title deeds.

Before going ahead with the purchase procedure, you must enquire about the property and the credentials of the deeds and the seller. Here is a checklist of enquiries for you to see before proceeding for the purchase.

Make yourself satisfied with the following points.

  • See that the the seller own the title deeds of the property.
  • Check whether the deeds have not been offered as collateral for any loans.
  • The seller/owner has cleared all outstanding utility bills, local tax demands.
  • Speak to other property owners in the area that are there any issues you should be aware of before purchasing (such as floods in winter, lack of water or electricity supplies in summer, etc)
  • if buying brand new, or partially built, from a developer,  do title deeds for the property actually exist in the name of the developer.
  • Confirm whether the developer has not used the title deeds for the land or properties as collateral for loans.
  • Visit some of the other projects by the developer and talk to owners of those properties on these developments to see if they had any problems
  • Be satisfied the all your enquiries before going ahead with the purchase.

Property in Turkey



You can also use these useful websites for getting further information.

Turkish Head of Deed’s Office

Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Turkey All Estates Consultancy Federation

Turkish Ministry of Interior

Disclaimer: Hope these information is useful for you before buying a property in Turkey. But please be aware that this not intended to be the only guidance for you before making a decision. You may also consider any other sources of information.

Finally, as long as you are cautious in choosing a good estate agent and lawyer and you make sure you are fully aware of every step of the procedure and ask questions as you proceed to clarify any issues then you don’t have anything to worry about and you can just concentrate on enjoying your house in the beautiful country of Turkey.

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